Disc prolapse In Belfast

Is that old knee injury still troubling you? Call One2One Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic for comprehensive sports injury treatment today.

sports' injury clinic in Belfast

Here at One2One Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we have a team of experienced qualified physiotherapists who deal with different types of sports injuries that you might be suffering from. From common knee injuries to ACL tear rehab, you can contact us for anything. We offer a complete service that caters to all your needs. We always try to tailor our treatment to the individual with the goal of returning them to the field of play as quickly as possible. Our services are available to customers across Belfast and the surrounding areas.


One2One Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

We have extensive experience with various sports injuries particularly football, rugby, cricket, hockey, GAA, and athletics. We have a close working relationship with many of the top local sports medicine consultants and surgeons in the province and Republic of Ireland. This enables a two way relationship for referrals requiring conservative and surgical approaches;

A range of sports injury treatments

  • shoulder (2)


    eg; rotator cuff surgery, sub acromial decompression, shoulder steroid injections, hydrodilatation, replacement shoulder

  • knee icon

    Knee Surgery

    ACL, meniscal, patellar tendinopathy, O.A, total knee replacement, medial ligament sprain

  • ankle icon


    Ligament sprains, achilles tendonopathy/ ruptures, foot and ankle surgery, podiatry referral – custom orthotics

  • hips

    HIP impingement

    (FAI) groin pain, osteitis pubis, adductor lesions, hip flexor strain

  • back bone icon

    SPINAL surgery

    Disc lesions, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic conditions